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Quartermaine's Terms Tickets

Wyndham's TheatreLondon

Quartermaine’s Terms: Final week – must end Saturday!

Rowan Atkinson
stars in a revival of Simon Gray's Quartermaine's Terms

Set in the 1960s in an English language school for foreigners, this tragicomic play is a humourous but ultimately moving account of several years in the lives of seven teachers. 

At the heart of the group is St. John Quartermaine (Rowan Atkinson) – kind, pleasant and agreeable, but utterly hopeless as a teacher. An almost permanent feature in the staff room, he’s always available to listen to the problems of his self-obsessed colleagues. But when a new Principal is appointed, Quartermaine’s future looks precarious... 

This quintessentially English drama is written by Simon Gray with his characteristic incisive wit.


Final week – must end Saturday